Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raising body awareness in UO

Looking for a good university in Oregon? The University of Oregon or OU offers a wide variety of courses students will be interested to enrol to. The town in which OU is located is known for its strengths in arts and outdoor activities. The UO does the same. A vast array of fun events is made for students to enjoy, from the Oregon Bach Festival to the Cinema Pacific Film Festival. 

The 295-acre campus holds different sports teams that compete in the NCAA division which draw a huge amount of fans, most especially in football and track and field. A significant portion of the student population is also involved in fraternities and sororities.

Not satisfied with a single course in UO? The university allows you to enrol another course in a local community college while enrolled in UO. Students’ resumes can also be boosted through Professional Distinct Programs which provides different internships, career workshops, and extra academic concentrations.

Graduate students can also pursue post-graduate courses like law school, business school, and other course which provide a Masters degree.

The university is also focused in community involvement. In fact, UO’s Healthy Campus Initiative is centred on “positive body image” in campaign to help the faculty, staff, and students of UO. The event will be a week-long celebration called “All Sizes Fit”. It features different displays, presentations, and activities made to promote acceptance of different body shapes by raising awareness on body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

According to the event organizers, people who have negative body images will more likely to develop eating disorders and other problems like depression, obsession, and low self-esteem which makes it more important to launch awareness programs like this. 

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